TVS iQube vs Ather 450X Electric Comparison: Price in India, Availability, Design, Colors, Range, Battery, Performance, More

The TVS iQube and the Ather 450X are making waves in EV segment, which one should you buy? Find out here.


The electric two-wheeler market, especially the EV scooter market, is a happening place with a lot of brands offering a lot of options in this segment. You have significant players like TVS, Honda, Ather, and Ola, with their electric scooters, competing in this market. Two scooters that are making waves in this segment are the TVS iQube and the Ather 450X. Given below is a comparison of these two models across various parameters like price, design, colours available, range, battery type, charging support, and more. Check them out!

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TVS iQube vs Ather 450X

Bike Price Battery Pack Range Riding Mode Electric Motor Speed Charging Time
Ather 450X Rs.1.23 Lakh onwards 3.04kWh 145 km Sport, Ride, Eco, Smart Eco, 5400 W 80 kmph 5 hours 40min
TVS iQube Rs.1.39 Lakh onwards 3.7 kWh 108 km Eco | Power 4400W 70 kmph 7 hours

TVS iQube vs. Ather 450X: Price in India & availability 

TVS iQube – The ex-showroom price of this scooter starts at Rs. 1,25,000 (estimated) and goes up to Rs. 1,61,056. This scooter has 3 variants, including the iQube Electric S and the iQube Electric ST. The top model is the iQube Electric STD, priced at Rs 1,61,056. The on-road price of this scooter depends on the city and state in which it is sold. 

Ather 450X – This scooter is priced at Rs 1.34 lakh onwards. The standard Ather 450 Plus Gen3 is priced at Rs 1,34,147, while the 450X Gen3 will cost Rs 1,55,657. The on-road price of this scooter varies according to the city and the state out of which it is being sold. 

TVS iQube vs. Ather 450X: Design

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(Image: TVS)

TVS iQube – This scooter gets your conventional scooter-like design with many amenities. The scooter has a few design touches, which give it a futuristic appeal. You have a sleek headlamp and tail lamp design, with the handlebar cowl having a U-shaped LED DRL. This scooter has a roomy seat, a large under-seat storage compartment, a spacious footboard, and luggage hooks. 

Gen 3 Ather 450X

Ather 450X – This scooter resembles its predecessor in looks. Featuring a youthful design, it is loaded with modern amenities. Overall, the scooter retains its sporty appearance, albeit with some minor changes, for instance, with the rear-view mirrors, which have been re-designed for superior visibility. 

TVS iQube vs Ather 450X: Range (Claimed, Real world)

TVS iQube – This scooter gives you 145 km on a single charge. This scooter’s claimed and actual range, which beats the Ather 450X by a huge margin. 

Ather 450X – Out of the two scooters, the Ather 450X has the smaller range, with it clocking 108 km on a single charge. 

TVS iQube vs Ather 450X: Available Colours

TVS iQube – This scooter is available in 7 shades, namely Titanium Grey, Mercury Grey, Copper Bronze, Mint Blue, Lucid Yellow, Pearl White, and Racing Red. 

Ather 450X – This scooter is available in 3 colours, namely White, Mint Green, and Space Grey. 

TVS iQube vs Ather 450X: Performance

TVS iQube – This scooter can reach a top whack of 78 kmph and goes from 0-60 kmph in a little over 8 seconds. 

Ather 450X – It takes the Ather 450x around 3.41 seconds to accelerate from 0-40 kmph in Warp Mode with a top speed of 80 kmph. 

TVS iQube vs Ather 450X – charging (Min. Charging Time (Fast Charging), Standard Charging Time, Peak Charging Support)

TVS iQube – 4 hours 30 mins is the time taken by this scooter to charge from 0-80%, while 0-100% takes around 7 hours. 

Ather 450X – This scooter comes with an Ather Dot, and a home charger. Using this Dot, you can allow your scooter to charge for the duration of time for which it is lying idle in your parking lot. The Ather 450X takes 5 hours 40 minutes to get fully charged

TVS iQube vs Ather 450X: Battery – Type, Capacity, Warranty

TVS iQube – This scooter uses the latest Lithium-Ion technology. The battery life and scooter life are more or less the same. The battery capacity is 3.04kWh. 

Ather 450X – This scooter, too, uses the latest lithium-ion technology, with the battery capacity being around 3.7 kWh.