Twitter Blue Price in India Out Now: All You Need to Know

A Twitter Blue subscription unlocks many new premium features for subscribers.


Twitter Blue price in India has been announced. The new Twitter subscription service was announced earlier this month for users in the US and a few other countries. Twitter launched its new subscription service for $8 in the US. At the time of the rollout, Twitter CEO Elon Musk had stated that the company will price its subscription service as per pay parity. Now, days after the initial rollout of the Blue service, the company has confirmed the India pricing details.

Twitter Blue subscription price in India is set at Rs 719 per month. The subscription fee unlocks many new premium features for subscribers in India. It was previously expected that the Blue subscription cost in India would be around Rs 660 per month. However, that is not the case.

Twitter Blue India Price

Twitter Blue subscription fee is set at Rs 719 per month for users in India. In comparison, the service is available for $8 (roughly Rs 650) in the US. The iOS App Store listing of the app reveals the subscription fee of Twitter Blue for the Indian market. The official website does not reveal any details about the rollout timeline of the service in India. However, CEO Musk had confirmed that Twitter Blue will be available in India within a month’s time.

At the time of the rollout, CEO Musk had stated that the subscription fee will be priced in different regions as per pay parity. However, looking at how things at Twitter have been going back and forth, it would not be surprising if the pricing is adjusted in the future.

Twitter’s new subscription service is now available in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. The service is slowly rolling out in other countries as well. Users who subscribe to the Blue service will get a new verified checkmark next to the username. The update log released at the time of the rollout revealed that subscribers “will get a blue checkmark, just like the celebrities, companies and politicians you already follow.”

Subscribers will also get many premium features that will unlock with the subscription. For starters, users who have subscribed to the premium service and have a blue checkmark will get priority in replies, searches and mentions.

Users can also post longer audio and video files once they subscribe to Twitter Blue. The company will also show fewer ads, which will be even more relevant to users.

Musk had previously said that Blue subscribers will get access to paid articles from publications that work with the company. At the moment, the feature is not available for Blue subscribers due to its early availability. Twitter could be working with publications in order to provide paywalled articles to subscribed users at no extra cost.

Currently, Twitter Blue is available for users on the iOS app. The website states that no new subscriptions on Android or the web will be possible beginning November 9, 2022, until the new $7.99/month Twitter Blue is available on those platforms. The older version of the subscription service lets users bookmark tweets into folders, customise the app icon and undo tweets. The iOS version also lets Blue subscribers choose from colourful options for the app theme.

There is also the custom navigation feature that lets users choose what appears in their navigation bar to get quick access to the content and Twitter destinations. Users can select at least two and up to six items to keep in the bottom navigation bar or restore to default.