Twitter Edit Button: This Might Be Our First Look at the New Twitter Feature

Twitter's much-anticipated Edit feature has been spotted in testing and it may mean that we finally get it soon.


A lot has been happening at Twitter lately. Those who are following, already know about the hostile takeover bid by Elon Musk and Twitter’s ‘Poison Pill’ reply to it. Many also know how Musk recently posted a Tweet asking users if they need an ‘Edit’ button. This was just before he was announced as the board member of Twitter by company CEO Parag Agarwal, something that later didn’t pan out well and ended up with a $43 billion takeover offer. However, as soon as Musk was announced as the board member, Twitter also confirmed in a tweet that it is indeed working on an ‘Edit’ button feature. But now, we have the first-ever look at the feature on the website.

‘Edit tweet’ feature spotted by a developer

This ‘Edit’ button was spotted by developer Alessandro Paluzzi on the web interface. The developer even shared screenshots of the feature. In the image, the feature is seen as ‘Edit Tweet’ and is placed in the three-dot menu after the tweet is posted by a user. This can be found under the option to View Tweet analytics. Once the user clicks on the ‘Edit Tweet’ button, it goes back to the compose window from where he/she can edit the particular tweet. However, this time the Blue coloured ‘Tweet’ button changes to ‘Update’.

While Paluzzi shared the screenshots showing the feature, another user named Nima Owji (@nima_owji) shared a short video in the form of a gif, showing it in action. He adds that at this point it is not possible to change the audience of the tweet while editing.

Although the feature is spotted for the first time on the microblogging platform, there is still no confirmation on when this will be made live for all the users and when it will be coming to Android and iOS apps.

Why is the ‘Edit tweet’ feature required

An edit button on Twitter has been the most awaited feature for social media users. Twitter knows it and has already joked about it several times in the past. The popularity of the feature was once again made evident by Musk’s poll asking if users wanted the feature or not. As expected, 73.6% of users voted yes. The feature is liked by many since users make typos and are only given the option to delete it or add an additional tweet as ‘Quote Retweet’ or a Thread to post the correct version. Several didn’t want to delete the tweet because deleting it would also mean they would lose all the engagement on it.

However, at the time of announcing, it was confirmed that this feature will be coming to Twitter Blue users exclusively. The company also shared a short gif showing the feature but in the app and not on the web interface.