Upcoming Microsoft Xbox Console and Two Wireless Controllers Spotted on Korean NRRA Certification Website

Xbox Series X

Microsoft has recently announced its latest gaming console, the Xbox Series X, and it is yet to go on sale. Another gaming console from the brand, codenamed Lockhart, was recently spotted in a code of Windows operating system, and it is speculated to be the Xbox Series S. Microsoft is yet to reveal the details regarding the leaked gaming console.

While the Xbox Series X is yet to go on sale and the Xbox Series S is yet to be announced, we have now come across certification of a Microsoft XDK (Xbox Development Kit), bearing the model number 1881, on the Korean NRRA platform. Along with the XDK, we have spotted certifications of three wireless devices from Microsoft, bearing the model number 1843, 1888, and 1889, on NRRA. Let us have a look at what do these certifications reveal

Two new Xbox get certified on NRRA

The certification of the XDK 1881 on NRRA reveals the model number of the device and nothing else. The XDK 1881 could be the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S (codename Lockhart). We aren’t sure about it yet. However, it has two be one of the two upcoming consoles because there is no other gaming console under the pipeline from the brand.

Three new Microsoft wireless devices (controllers) get certified on NRRA

Coming to the Microsoft 1843, 1888, and 1889 wireless devices, their certifications on NRRA reveal that these are small output wireless devices. In our opinion, these wireless devices could most probably be the game controllers that will be offered with the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S or both. Although, we aren’t sure about this either.

However, considering that these wireless devices have been certified around the same time when the XDK 1881 was certified, it is pretty obvious that the Microsoft 1843, 1888, and 1889 belong to the XDK 1881 and that these are most probably game controllers.

Hopefully, we will know more about the XDK and the controllers that we have spotted today as the Xbox Series X hits the market. Speaking of, Microsoft is said to be organizing an online event in July to reveal the price and availability of its latest gaming console. What are your thoughts about it? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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