Upcoming Redmi Smartphones Might Come Loaded with a Customised Version of MIUI

Redmi phones are not getting a new UI, but a customised MIUI, probably.


Smartphones from all brands under Xiaomi run MIUI, and there is no exception. Smartphones from Xiaomi (Formerly Mi), Redmi or Poco, run MIUI, but Poco has a slightly tweaked MIUI which the company calls MIUI for Poco. However, Xiaomi is diversifying its lineup of devices where the leading brand is reserved mainly for flagships, and Poco has budget phones with great features. Redmi is the brand under which we see the most selling phones. Now it looks like Xiaomi wants to provide a different identity to Redmi while providing a new user experience via the software. At least, for now, the MIUI on Xiaomi and Redmi phones are the same, but that will change soon, as per tips from reliable sources.

According to Digital Chat Station, a pretty popular tipster, Redmi phones will also get a new and customized version of MIUI. The aim is to provide a separate identity to Redmi alongside adding visual refinements. However, this game is quite old. When OnePlus came out first and maybe up to last year, OxygenOS was a big part of the brand. We all knew OnePlus was born out of Oppo, which BBK Electronics owns and reflected in the devices. Now, when OnePlus embraces the ColorOS 12, many are shocked to know that OnePlus and Oppo were no different.

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Redmi jumped in a rat race, but how?

This rat race of giving each brand a different identity never stopped, once it started. Huawei devices run EMUI, whereas Honor devices now run Magic UI, nothing but a tweaked version of EMUI. iQOO devices run Origin OS, and Vivo devices run FunTouchOS. Though there are some differences, both are part of Vivo, which is a part of BBK Electronics. It is just that brands want recognition. BBK owns Oppo and Vivo, now OnePlus is a part of Oppo basically with the R&Ds of both the brands merged. iQOO is an online exclusive sub-brand of Vivo and Realme is also highly influenced by Oppo.

Many people, including me, laughed a lot when Realme CEO, in an interview, said that Realme UI would be close to Stock Android. But we all know that it’s still ColorOS, with some changes sprinkled here and there across the software. Realme UI 3.0 has just been announced, but is it much different from ColorOS 12? No, it’s not, and its’ never going to be a completely different kind of skin.

That is why, even if Redmi claims to run a different skin or different variant of MIUI, there will be minor differences. We may never get to see something like skin that is as distinct as OxygenOS or the cleaner skin found on Motorola devices.