Valorant Champions Tour Begins Today in Berlin: Here’s All You Need to Know

Valorant Champions 2021 Berlin starts today and will go on till December 12.


Announced all the way back in November of last year, the Valorant Champions 2021 will close out the inaugural 2021 season in Berlin. From December 1 to December 12, the Champions Tour will feature 16 of the best Valorant teams from across the globe, that made it to the Champions on the basis of their performance throughout the regular seasons through Masters and Challengers events.

2021 saw the best teams compete for points against each other in a sequence of 3 Challengers and Masters Events that rewarded the top finishers of each event. The earliest of teams to qualify for the Champions included Sentinels and KRU as they were able to dominate the rest of the playing field right out of the gate and gather a bunch of points early on.

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Valorant Champions Berlin 2021 kicks off today in Berlin

Valorant Champions 2021

The 16 teams facing off in the Champions have been sorted into four groups of 4 and, from December 1-7, they will play in a double-elimination format. Fans will be able to tune in and see the action live through Valorant Champions Tour’s official Youtube and Twitch channels.

Group A: 

  • Ascend
  • Team Envy
  • X10 CRIT
  • Keyd Stars

Group B:

  • Sentinels
  • KRU Esports
  • Team Liquid
  • FURIA Esports

Group C:

  • Gambit Esports
  • Team Vikings
  • Team Secret
  • Crazy Raccoon

Group D:

  • Vision Strikers
  • Fnatic
  • Full Sense
  • Cloud9 Blue

Day 1, that is today, will feature (6:00 PDT/7:30 PM IST) Vision Strikers going up against Full Sense, and later in the day (10:30 PM Indian Standard Time) Vikings take on Crazzy Raccoon. The final match of the day (1:30 AM IST) will be between Fnatic and Cloud 9 Blue.

All 4 groups feature exciting matchups that are bound to result in some truly magnificent plays and interesting tactics. Valorant CHhampions 2021 Berlin ends on December 12 with the finals kicking off on Sunday, 9:00 PDT, that is, 10:30 PM Indian Standard Time.