Galaxy Racer Valorant India Invitational Won by Team Paper Rex

VALORANT India Invitational got off to a rocky start with multiple issues and a four-hour delay between matches on Friday evening,


Singapore-based Pro VALORANT Team Paper Rex emerged victorious in Galaxy Racer Valorant India Invitational by defeating Spain-based  Team Heretics with a 3-1 scoreline in the Grand Finals. The team also marked their 100th competitive win by lifting the trophy at the GXR LAN event in Hyderabad. The Championship also witnessed a collaboration with Sunburn, Arena to showcase a mix of esports and music for the very first time.

Organised by Galaxy Racer India, and in partnership with AMD, the VALORANT India Invitational got off to a rocky start on Friday evening, with multiple issues and a four-hour delay between matches on 18 Nov.

Despite this, Paper Rex did well in the Group Stage, ending with a 2-1 record after beating God squad 13-7 but falling to rival Singaporean team Bleed eSports 13-6. After concluding with a tie against Bleed eSports, the Singaporean squad rebounded back with a convincing 13-1 win over BOOM Esports, securing a spot in the Playoffs.

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Paper Rex wins Valorant India Invitational, takes home $50,000

Image via Paper Rex

The valorant India Invitational LAN event featured 8 teams (5 Invited + 3 Qualified) and the prize pool of the event was $100K. Following are the teams that have partaken in the event:

  1. Paper Rex – Singapore (Direct Invite)
  2. Team Secret – Philippines (Direct Invite)
  3. Rex Regum Qeon – Indonesia (Direct Invite)
  4. BOOM Esports – Indonesia (Direct Invite)
  5. Team Heretics – Spain (Direct Invite)
  6. Bleed Esports – Singapore (SEA Qualifier)
  7. Enigma Gaming – India (India Qualifier 1)
  8. GodSquad – India (India Qualifier 2)

Indian teams GodSquad (ex-Global Esports roster) and Enigma Gaming have failed to qualify for the playoffs. GodSquad, the only Indian team to be selected for the Valorant Champions Tour 2023-24, defeated Bleed Esports and Boom Esports in the group stage but were eliminated from the semi-finals due to game differences.

4 teams including Team Heretics, Paper Rex, Bleed Esports and Team Secret have made it to the Playoffs.

The playoffs began with Team Heretics locking horns with Bleed Esports, where Team Heretics made a victory against them to claim their spot in the Grand Finals. On the Other hand, Paper Rex was placed against Team Secret where the Singapore team won the match with a 2-1 scoreline and ultimately placed themselves against Heretics in the Finals.

The Final match of the event took place in a best-of-five format where Paper Rex outperformed Team heretics to lift the championship trophy and took home $50K. The opening map saw a tightly fought game between the two finals, in which the Singapore team won 13-11. Despite Team Heretics’ victory in the second round, the eventual champions’ dedication did not fade as they fought back from behind to win the following two games 13-10 and 13-8, respectively, to secure the coveted title.

Prize Pool Distribution

Paper Rex will receive $50K as prize money for their victory, while Team Heretics will receive $20K for placing second. This was Paper Rex’s third major Valorant success this season having won the VCT Stage 1 and Stage 2 earlier in 2022.

  1. Paper Rex: $50,000
  2. Team Heretics: $20,000
  3. Bleed Esports: $10000
  4. Team Secret: $10000
  5. Rex Regum Qeon: $2500
  6. GodSquad: $2500
  7. Enigma Gaming: $2500
  8. Boom Esports: $2500

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