Valorant Lunar Event Celebration Pass Brings New Free to Earn Items to the Game

Valorant's Lunar Celebration Pass is live until February 16!


As several players emerge from the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets for the video game industry, the Lunar New Year has become a prominent event in many popular online video games in recent years.

Riot Games, the maker of Valorant is no exception. The company has introduced a unique Lunar Celebration event pass in Valorant, with a variety of free and purchasable goodies. Let’s take a deeper look at the new event and its rewards.

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Valorant Lunar Celebration Event Pass Live, Brings New Titles, Sprays, and Gun Buddies

Valorant’s Lunar Celebration Event pass began on February 1, 2022 (the first day of Chinese New Year). The event will run for approximately 15 days, ending on February 16, 2022.

The Lunar New Year Event, like the Arcane event in November 2021, has a special, limited-time pass where players may earn gifts. Titles, a Tiger spray, a Dumpling gun buddy, a card depicting our favourite Agents having a meal, and Radianite Points are among the items included.

While the Lunar Celebration Pass is free, gamers will have to complete a set of tasks to have access to the gifts. Players must earn a total of 63,000 XP to finish the battle pass. The XP necessary to complete each tier of the Lunar Celebration Event Pass is divided as follows.

6,000 XP for the Tiger Title, 7,000 XP for Tiger Spray of Luck, 8,000 XP for 10 Radianite Points, 9,000 XP for Fortune Title, 10,000 XP for Happy Dumpling Buddy, 11,000 XP for 10 Radianite Points and 12,000 XP Wishing You Happiness Card.

Alongside, the company has also introduced a new bundle, cleverly dubbed “The Tigris”. This was introduced with a cinematic video highlighting its features, which include skins for Phantom, Operator, Spectre, and Shorty, as well as gun buddies, sprays, and player cards. Tigris is a new premium skin line that contains animations and sound effects to create a snappy design that looks like a mix of Prime and the Reaver.