View Instagram Stories Anonymously: How to View IG Stories Without Logging into the Account?

Want to check out someone's Instagram story but do not want to reveal your identity? Try these methods to view an Instagram story anonymously.


Instagram doesn’t allow users to view a user story without logging in. You need to log in with at least one account either on the website or app to watch a person’s story. And if the account is private then you must follow the account. But there are some situations where one wants to watch someone’s story without revealing their identity. If you want to view an Instagram story anonymously, you are at the right place as we show you how you can do that.

As per Instagram rules, watching a person’s story is not possible without logging in but thanks to some online websites and apps, we get to see other people’s stories without logging in to our personal account. Let’s check how you can view other people’s Instagram stories anonymously.

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Use Online Tools to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

Instagram Stories Viewer is probably the best tool that you can use to view a story anonymously, Why? Well, there is no need to download any app or log in to an alternate account plus it lets you download the story. You can view an account’s current story or the stories added in the highlight section on their profile. 

Here’s how to view a story on Instagram Story Viewer:

Instagram story viewer

  1. Go to
  2. In the username space, write the account username whose story you want to check. Once written, click on the arrow.
  3. It will take 8-10 seconds after which it will show the active stories to you. You can also check the highlighted stories by clicking on the highlights.
  4. To download a story, scroll down the page and click on the Download option.

While the tool is fantastic and easy to use, it doesn’t allow you to watch a private account story. All you can see is a public account story and their highlighted stories. This means that you cannot view an account story if it is private or locked.

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Use Instagram Story Downloader Apps to View IG Stories Anonymously 

If you check a person’s story anonymously on regular basis, you should download an app that lets you do that. There are a bunch of apps free to download on Google Play Store and App Store that lets you watch a person’s Instagram story and download it. Most of these apps do not require any login to view stories. But most of these are not secure either. You can use them at your own risk if you wish to.

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You can just search for “Instagram story downloader” on Play Store or App Store and it will show you a plethora of options, we recommend apps such as Instory, Story saver for Instagram. These apps will either ask you to write the account username or add a link to the profile. Once done, it will show you the story and will give you the option to download it.

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By Using Airplane Mode

Do you know you can view a story anonymously even from your account? All you have to do is turn on Airplane mode on your smartphone. When you open Instagram, it preloads multiple stories at once so that users can view them instantly. Once you have opened the app, turn on the Airplane mode and view the user story and exit the Instagram app. While this trick works, it has a lot of negative sides. It fails in the case of multiple stories as Instagram loads only the first story. Also, it is the most unsecure trick among all, chances of revealing your identity are high in this method.

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Using an Anonymous Account

This is the best way to view someone else’s Instagram story. All you have to do is create another account and go to the person’s profile to view their story. However, this trick will not work if the account is locked or private.