Vivo NEX Dual Screen Phone Registrations Open on Official Website, Will Feature New OS Experience, AI

Registration has begun for the new Vivo NEX, which will feature a dual screen, on the company’s official website. After its launch, the device will sport a brand new OS and with the help of AI, Vivo is expected to improve that experience.

Vivo NEX

The first Vivo NEX (Review) was just the start of a new wave of smartphones that would ship with motorized cameras. This approach was followed by other manufacturers in a bid to reduces those bezels to as thin as possible. Vivo isn’t stopping here as the company has teased the successor on its official website, where registrations of the upcoming handset have begun.

The new Vivo NEX smartphone will take off where the predecessor left out, and we are bound to see more refinements in the design and possibly more screen real estate. Let us look at the teasers and see how the dual-screen-capable Vivo NEX might look and function.

Vivo NEX Teaser Shows All-Screen Design at the Front

Registrations for the dual-screen Vivo NEX have started on the company’s official website, and luckily, fancy renders of the upcoming flagship have also been shared. The promo campaign has begun on the company’s forum, and one lucky winner will get a chance to experience this dual-screen NEX. While the upcoming device will look more futuristic compared to the previous model, Vivo was not the first manufacturer to implement this design form.

If you recall, the ZTE Nubia X was launched in China on October 31, sporting a dual-screen design with a dual-camera setup. The flagship had virtually no bezels at the top and bottom of its primary display, with the second screen placed at the rear. You could use the secondary display as a selfie camera viewfinder, browse through applications and do what you previously did on a regular handset. If you take a look at the new Vivo NEX renders on the company’s website, the front side shows extremely thin bezels. According to a leaked live image, the secondary display will have much thicker bezels.

Unfortunately, the way the smartphone is continuously rotating in the teaser, we don’t know if the device will have a prominent chin or a top bezel. If you check out more teasers, you’ll understand that Vivo also plans to up the camera specifications, with the new and improved Vivo NEX expected to feature a triple-camera sensor. The specifications and functionality of these sensors have yet to be provided, so we’ll wait for the official launch for that.

Regarding hardware, we can expect a Snapdragon 855, with a previously reported leak detailing the phone could come with 10GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

Vivo NEX Dual-Screen Feature: Helpful or Gimmicky?

The year 2018 has been an exciting year for the smartphone industry, with manufacturers exploring different ways to attain that all-screen display. The first-generation Vivo NEX had a pop-up selfie camera, and although, it was unique, it is never a smart move to have moving parts in a phone since these have a finite lifespan.

With the dual-screen feature, the second-generation Vivo NEX will be able to sport water and dust-resistance as there are no moving parts that we can see in these teasers. You can also switch between screens to view multiple videos or switch between two browser tabs at the same time to take advantage of the new feature. While it might be gimmicky for some people, it will have its uses, regardless if those use cases won’t be a lot.

After you’re finished reading about the Vivo NEX successor, you can have a look at our video review of the first-generation Vivo NEX. Featuring flagship specifications which include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, the smartphone features a motorized camera, which was a design choice the company resorted to increase the total screen-to-body ratio.