Vivo NEX Dual Screen Version Hands-on Video Leaked Online; Shows Off Complete Design

Hnads-on video clip leaked for Vivo's spiritual successor to the Nex notch-less smartphone.


After receiving accolades for the notch-eliminating pop-up camera design of the Nex, Vivo is at it again with the spiritual successor to the Nex, which adopts the dual-screen design as yet another means to circumvent the notch. After the company itself teased the rather unimaginatively named Vivo Nex Dual Screen Edition, prolific smartphone leakster Ice Universe has seemingly managed to get his hands on the device. In his latest twitter post, Ice Universe has, at the very least, managed to procure a short clip of what appears to be the actual phone being showcased front to back.

The Chinese conglomerate BBK electronics has been spending a considerable amount of money on research and development through its smartphone arms Oppo and Vivo. From being the first to introduce working in-display fingerprint scanners in the market to taking Apple and its clones down a notch with ingenious notch-less phones such as the Vivo NEX and Oppo Find X, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in the mobile space.

Vivo Nex Dual Screen Edition: Ditches Pop Up Camera For A Rear Display

Earlier this week Vivo had teased the dual-screen smartphone through posters and videos, shortly after leaked images had appeared for the spiritual successor of the Vivo Nex. The hands-on photos of the dual-screen device were leaked by a Weibo blogger going by the handle Ophone. The photos showcased two different variants: one with a purple and another with a blue gradient based finish.

The leaked images also showcase the Nex Dual Screen Edition placed beside the older Vivo Nex, and it is clearly evident that the newer phone is not only thinner, but also smaller than the outgoing model. It’s clear that ditching the mechanically complex servo assisted pop-up mechanism has allowed Vivo engineers to slim down the Nex Dual Screen Edition.

The Vivo Nex Dual Screen Edition, on the other hand, employs a much more simplified solution to eliminate the notch. Unlike the mechanically elaborate pop-up camera, the upcoming phone incorporates a second display at the rear. This allows the rear of the device to be used not only to house the primary dual-camera setup, but also to shoot selfies. This negates the need to include a selfie camera at the front and allow the phone to have a truly notch-less design.

Vivo Nex Dual Screen Edition: Thinner and Smaller along with Headphone Jack

While Ice Universe’s video clip doesn’t reveal the top and bottom edges, the prior leaked images posted by Ophone on Weibo apparently reveal the presence of a USB Type-C port at the bottom and quite refreshingly a headphone jack at the top. Additionally, earlier leaks suggest that the pone will also sport up to a whopping 10GB of RAM and a relatively modest 128GB of storage capacity.

The Vivo Nex Dual Screen Edition is expected to launch next week on December 11, so these leaks and teasers aren’t out of the ordinary and, in fact, par-for-the-course considering that the launch is just on the horizon. Meanwhile, the company has also begun accepting pre-orders for the phone on the Chinese official website.