Vivo Y21 Running SD665 and Vivo TD2002 Running Mysterious Qualcomm Processor Spotted on GeekBench

The Vivo Y21 was earlier spotted on Global Certification Forum, while the Vivo TD2002 is a device we have not heard of before.


We have spotted two new Vivo smartphones on Geekbench today, the Vivo V1926 and the Vivo TD2002. The Vivo V1926, as we know, thanks to its listing on Global Certification Forum, is the upcoming Vivo Y21. We, however, have no clue what is the marketing name of the TD2002, yet. And at this point, I should also tell you that this is the first appearance of this unannounced Vivo smartphone. Well, let us dive into the details without wasting any more time.

Vivo Y21 and Vivo TD2002 Spotted on Geekbench

The listing of the Vivo Y21 on GeekBench reveals that the device has a motherboard named ‘trinket.’ And if you search about the motherboard name, you will find out that it is usually associated with Snapdragon 665 processor, suggesting the device has this chipset. The benchmark scores, 312 in the single-core test and 1,245 in the multi-core test, also suggest that the phone is powered by the Snapdragon 665 SoC. The listing also mentions that the phone has the Android 10 operating system and 3GB of RAM.

Moving on to the Vivo TD2002, its listing reveals that the phone has a ‘bengal’ motherboard. A few reports online suggest that ‘bengal’ is a codename of an upcoming processor from Qualcomm. The benchmark scores of the smartphone, however, are very close to that of Snapdragon 665-powered devices. So, is ‘bengal’ an upcoming, more powerful version of the Snapdragon 665? Well, that is what the benchmark scores suggest. Anyway, the listing also reveals that the device has Android 10 OS and 4GB of RAM.