Samsung Galaxy S22+: 7 Reasons Why This Phone Is a Great Package

Shubham Raheja

The vanilla S22 is a cute pocket rocket, whereas the S22 Ultra is the big, brawny bully that is in a league of its own. The S22+ tries to bridge the gap between the two.


From the choice of materials to the dimensions, placement of buttons and the in-hand feel – the S22+ nails them all.


During our testing period, we watched a variety of movies, TV episodes, and videos on the S22+, and the visual quality, vibrancy, and contrast were all excellent and inline with what one expects from a flagship smartphone.


The performance was unpredictable. The raw power was on tap, no doubt, but the SoC was susceptible to heating up and throttling randomly.


The main camera captures the most detailed images. The photos taken during the day are colourful and punchy, but not overdone.


This phone can record some great videos too. It doesn’t have the same Cinematic mode as the iPhone 13 Pro, but it can capture some well-lit, well-stabilised shots with low noise and rich details. 


The battery backup varies over time. On good days, the phone worked for almost an entire day. But when our workload was high, we had to start looking for a charge after about 9-10 hours.


Given the price parity between the S22+ and other Android flagships this year, we find it difficult to explain the S22+'s proposition.