The base plan, which was previously priced at Rs.79, has been hiked to Rs.99, and now includes Rs.99 worth of Talktime, 200MB of data, and a 1p/sec voice pricing.

The Rs.149 package, which previously cost Rs.149, now costs Rs.179 and includes unlimited calling, 100 SMS per day, and 2GB of internet. The plan will last for a period of 28 days.

The Rs.219, Rs. 249, Rs.298 plans will be available for Rs.265, Rs.299, and Rs.359 offering unlimited calling, 100SMS/day, 1GB/day, 1.5GB/day and 2GB/day data respectively. These plans are valid for 28 days.

The Rs.399 and Rs. 449 plans will be available for Rs.479, Rs.549 respectively. These plans are valid for a period of 56 days and offer unlimited calling, 100SMS/day in common. There's a 1.5GB/day data limit on the Rs.479 plan, and a 2GB/day limit on the other one.

The plans of Rs. 379, Rs. 598, and Rs. 698 will now be changed to Rs. 455, Rs. 719, and Rs. 839, respectively. These plans are available for 84 days and include unlimited calling and 100 SMS each day. The 455 plan has a 6GB data limitation, the Rs.719 plan has a 1.5GB/day data barrier, and the last one has a 2GB/day data cap.

The yearly plans will now cost Rs.1799 and Rs.2999, respectively, instead of Rs.1498 and Rs.2498, and will include unlimited calling, 100 SMS per day, and 24GB data/2GB per day of data limits.

Finally, there has been a modification regarding data top-ups. The price of a 3GB data top-up has been hiked to Rs.58, 12GB to Rs.118, and 50GB to Rs.301.