Apex Legends

Rahul Bhushan

Mobile Review



Advanced mobility is the cornerstone of battle in Apex Legends Mobile.  In the game, advanced mobility involves vaulting over tall objects such as boxes, walls, and even the edges of some structures.


The HUD may be a touch too much for our tastes, but it does provide a degree of intricacy that is far more gratifying than it is perplexing in the long run.


Apex Legends Mobile appears to be a game that is dying to make a statement, and it does it loudly and clearly, right from the menu splash screens and the vibrant cinematic introduction.


The sound design, particularly in relation to adversary movement and ambient noises, is also to be applauded.


BR, Team Deathmatch, and Arenas are the three match modes presently available. These are enough maps in rotation to keep things new and let players to see different aspects of familiar maps like King's Canyon.


While the essential elements of Apex Legends are present in Mobile, it could be argued that Apex Legends Mobile not only stands up to its console/PC cousin, but outperforms it by a half-inch.