Battlefield 2042 Review Review Highlights


The new maps are extremely vast and impressive-looking, with lots of room for players to do havoc — yet they appear to be more empty than normal.

Conquest is by far the most popular game mode, as any other matchmaking process appears to take an eternity.

Another thing to notice is the lack of a single-player campaign this time around, which may be a good thing or a negative thing depending on how much you like the prior campaigns.

The Plus menu, which allows players to personalise weapons and change out attachments on the fly, is one of Battlefield 2042's cool features. The Plus menu adds a lot to the game, keeps it moving along, and allows players to change strategies on the fly to get an edge in different situations.

Battlefield 2042 looks fantastic, sounds fantastic – and the weather effects are breathtaking – but there is always a layer of polish that seems to be lacking.

The rising amount of texture pop-ins and odd anomalies that are sure to give you a nightmare puts the proverbial damper on proceedings.

In its present condition, it's difficult to propose paying full price for Battlefield 2042. Battlefield 2042, although being a pleasant experience on occasion, still has a long way to go before it becomes the game that the reveal video promised it would be.