BGMI Banned in India? Here's What we Know

Team MSP

BGMI, India's one of the most popular Battle Royale mobile games, has been removed from the Google Play and App Store after the government of India ordered.

In the Indian gaming world, a gigantic tsunami of conflicting emotions has suddenly exploded.

Google stated in an official statement that the removal from the Play Store was the consequence of a government order.

Rumours have it that, the removal of BGMI from Stores is the government's response to the relocation of user data to foreign servers.

It's also conceivable that BGMI was prohibited due to suspicions that it was only a rebranding of PUBG Mobile

BGMI was recently debated in the Indian Parliament, with questions raised concerning the game's prohibition and its role in recent instances.

Users who already have BGMI loaded on their smartphones can continue to play the game at this moment.