Call of Duty, for the better part of the last couple of decades, has dominated the multiplayer arena-shooter market. The series has always relied on its fantastic map design to accentuate its fast, reflex-based gunplay - and that has translated quite well to Call of Duty on Mobile as well.

Nuketown first appeared in Treyarch’s original Black Ops in 2010 and has been a mainstay of the Black Ops franchise since, and has made its way over to Mobile as well.Plenty of open spaces, lots of cover in the middle and yet there is no place to hide.

1) Nuketown

“1v1 me in Rust!” became one of the most popular sayings on the internet – and that phrase alone is enough for players to dive back into a pool of memories of this barren wasteland. If it is quick games one is after – Rust can offer the most bang for buck, period.

2) Rust

On the face of it, Highrise looks like any ol’ COD map with the standard 3-lane options – but players will quickly find out – there’s so much more to it. Simply – there is no wrong loadout for Highrise. The amount of freedom this map affords to the player easily makes this one of the most genius maps of the bunch.

3) Highrise

Hijacked is clearly one of the best-looking maps in the history of the franchise. It is rated so highly purely because of the amount of offensive possibilities it offers.The map is all-function and no-gloat despite having one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs and architecture.

4) Hijacked

Crossfire is an import from Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (2007), and on the face of it, it doesn’t look quite as bombastic as, say Highrise, or as claustrophobic and pacey as Nuketown – but it has a lot going for it. What makes it really fun is that it is essentially a Sniper’s map.

5) Crossfire

The way Firing Range is setup, it can often be disorienting to rush through the map blitzing one’s way through. The map often forces players to play a little more methodically – as ending up near the enemy’s spawn point is extremely easy. The map first appeared in Black Ops (2010) and is minimal in its approach – but that isn’t a knock.

6) Firing Range

Despite is moderately large size, Takeoff never does not lack in terms of speed, momentum and pure, unbridled chaos. Scorestreaks such as Predator missiles can often be a little ineffective – given all the interiors and safe spaces to duck under, but that just means that there is a level playing-field for even lower-level players to snag some kills.

7) Takeoff

Raid is the quintessential Call of Duty map, in the way that it is minimal but not lazy. It is pacey, but that does not mean it simply asks players to blitz through each lane mindlessly. Blindspots and tight corners are aplenty – which means the player’s head must always be on a swivel.

8) Raid

The map is a standard 3-lane design, which means it is ideal for TDM, Free-for-all – or even Hardpoint. The map encourages players to rush and blitz with SMGs instead of taking their time with each play.The best part about Meltdown is that it wastes zero time to kick things off.

9) Meltdown

Crash first arrived on the scene in Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (2007) and has become one of the most iconic maps of the series.Crash is one of those maps that generally asks players to rush way more than to play methodically. Thus, an SMG comes to the rescue in most situations.

10) Crash

COD is at its best when the match dwells into pure chaos and teams are rushing to each other’s spawn points and flooding lanes with scorestreaks. When the game finally came to Mobile – it was refreshing to see that Call of Duty didn’t lose any of its pace-based gameplay value – even with the constraints of touch controls.