Call of Duty Vanguard Review Highlights


Call of Duty Vanguard has arrived and here's how it fares against the cloud of suspicion that has surrounded the game's multiplayer experience.

While the tale pulls its punches at essential moments, the campaign fails to provide any unique mechanics or perspective.

The game features a refreshing WWII plot that is more intimate and, as a result, a lot more effective in terms of storytelling.

Call of Duty: Vanguard's multiplayer is precisely how fans expect it to be — except for a new, clever feature called Combat Pacing, which allows players to set additional filters to select the type of matches they want to play.

Assault, Tactical, and Blitz are the three distinct preferences. As the titles suggest, each filter provides a unique experience, allowing players to have a greater degree of control over the kind of matches they participate in.

Zombies are still a lot of fun in Vanguard, and it'll only become better after the launch. The combination of WWII shooters and Nazi zombies is a fit made in heaven, and Treyarch, as the pioneers of the genre, knows just how to create a consistently enjoyable experience.

Vanguard is a fun AAA experience that despite the odd texture pop-in remains visually astounding and a masterful technical experience

Review Score - 7/10