Dynamic Island on Android! Here's How You Can Use

Shubham Dutt

Dynamic Island came out of syllabus during the iPhone 14 launch event which made Internet crazy. Since then, many developers have been trying to replicate the feature.

An app called DynamicSpot now allows users to set up a Dynamic Island on any Android phone. While you get some of those features, the app also allows setting the size of island.

To set Dynamic Island on an Android phone, download DynamicSpot app from Google Play Store. Install the app and open it. Now, allow all the necessary permissions to app. 

First, go to Notifications option and allow access to all the apps. If you don't want Dynamicspot to access a particular app's notification, disable it by tapping on the toggle.

Next, customise the Island position and size. For that, go to Dimensions section and play with the options to know better about the Dynamic Island customisation. Once done, go back.

The Dynamic Island is now set on your phone to use. You can now use it to control music, receive messages, use timer, and for charging animation. 

Currently, in beta stage, the DynamicSpot app is expected to bring more features in the Stable version.