Robin John

FIFA  23 Review Highlights 

FIFA 23 comes with HyperMotion 2 which basically helps AI to improve motion-related movements of players such as bumping into each other or falling. 

The FIFA 23 graphics are stunning. The stadium now looks better with each minute detail and the players look more realistic. However, there are a few bugs and glitches.

The AI-powered defenders are far better in FIFA 23 than in the previous version. It also introduces “Hard Tackles” which are basically last-ditch tackles to save goals.

Goalkeepers are shambolic this time. Even the adaptation of AI and HyperMotion 2 technology couldn’t improve it. Let’s hope this is fixed next year.

Power shots on FIFA 23 look arcade-ish. The game now shows you the ball speed and xG rate which looks cool. Foot placements were inconsistent. Penalties look better now.

FIFA 23 has made Women’s teams accessible to English and French leagues. The career mode now features a bunch of additions. The commentary is still boring.

FIFA 23 brings Crossplay but sadly that’s limited to 1v1 mode only. This needs to be improved.

FIFA 23 is a good upgrade from last year with the addition of HyperMotion 2 and AI backed technologies. However, we feel that the game has a lot of room for improvements.