FIFA World Cup 2022: Amazing Technologies Being Used

Shubham Dutt

FIFA World Cup 2022, happening in Qatar, is one of the most advanced football tournaments in the world. These are some technologies that you may have missed during the matches.

As Qatar has scorching weather,  seven out of the eight stadiums have installed advanced cooling systems to ensure the comfort of the fans inside the stadium.

Cooling Systems

The Al Rihla World Cup 2022 Ball has its own technological capabilities. It comes with an inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensor inside and needs to be charged frequently.

World Cup 2022 Ball

FIFA has installed over 12 cameras in all the stadiums in Qatar. These sensors, combined with ball, help the referees make quicker and accurate decisions.


The sensors used for offside technology send a notification to the VAR (video assistant referee) each time a player receives the ball in an illegal position.


The FIFA app allows a user to have a detailed look into player’s performance data, analysis, and more. The AR mode helps to get details about all the players directly from the ground.


JioCinema has added a feature called ‘Hype Mode’ to give viewers a look into trivia and statistics regarding the two teams playing that particular match.