Google Pixel 6a First Impressions

Shubham Raheja

The materials used on the Pixel 6a are absolutely premium, and the curve of the back glass that smoothly merges into the frame is unique.

Because of how slowly the display refreshes, the display doesn't have much to offer in terms of perceived speed.

Stock Android 12 features one of the smoothest and most visually appealing UIs on Android handsets.

Multitasking on the phone has been smooth for now and we haven't noticed any lags or stutters.

The battery supports 18W fast charging, but there's no charger included in the box.

Many of the interesting new camera capabilities introduced at Google I/O this year, including Magic Eraser, Real Tone, and Facial Deblur, are now available.

So far, the Pixel 6a appears to be a smartphone for folks who have priorities other than gaming.