How to book cheaper flights: Here's a hack

Shubham Dutt

Due to high demand for travelling and increased prices of fuel, flight tickets have been skyrocketing due to which travellers are finding it hard to book flights frequently.

Try this hack next time and you might get flight tickets at a much-discounted price. We highly recommend wanderlusts try this trick to buy flight tickets at a lower price.

Using a business account will offer you a good discount. The prices being offered to business organisations are much lower compared to what the general audience is paying.

These websites do not ask for PAN or GST number for business ID.  Some of them are Mybiz, Tripactions, Travelperk and Treebo. You can use any of these sites to sign up.

You can use MyBiz website which is part of MakeMyTrip. First, go to MyBiz official website and sign up using any business email. Verify yourself by entering the OTP.

With a business account, you also get free seat selection, free cancellation, added meals and change of date without any extra cost.