Instagram Account Hacked? Here’s How to Recover

Shubham Dutt

If your Instagram account has been hacked and someone else is accessing it, then chances are they have changed the Email ID and Password. Here are a few methods to recover your account.

First, you can request a login link to your email address or phone number. Once you receive the login link, follow the on-screen instructions to recover your hacked Instagram account.

Another method through which you can recover Instagram account is to get a security code. You will receive a security code on your phone or email, enter it and login.

You might have to prove your real identity to Meta to login. For this, it may ask you to take a video selfie of you turning your head in different directions just to confirm if you are a real person.

Once the video is submitted, you will get an email from Instagram. If the verification fails, you can submit a new video and Instagram will review it again.

Once done, secure your account by enabling two-factor authentication. You can keep changing the password every six months to keep it secure.

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