Mi Notebook Ultra

First Impressions

The Mi Notebook Ultra is a mammoth upgrade compared to the previously launched Mi Notebooks in India. Not just in the specs, but the overall footprint too.

The Mi Notebook Ultra is a 15.6-inch laptop with a well tuned 3.2K resolution that looks fantastic on this large 16:10 screen. Furthermore, the Mi Notebook Ultra boasts of 90Hz refresh rate.

However, the audio is in stark contrast to this large, immersive display. The 2W dual speakers at the bottom is louder than last year, but still can’t fill up a room with audible sound.

The Mi Notebook Ultra feels nice and sturdy. The palm rest is solid and there’s no flex in the panel or the keyboard. You get a handful of ports, including a ThunderBolt 4 port.

The Mi NoteBook Ultra is offered in two CPU variants — The Intel Core i7 11370H and the Intel Core i5 11300H. And at Rs 76,999, the Core i7 variant is a steal.

We primarily used the laptop for daily work which involved lots of Firefox tabs, Spotify and a few Lightroom edits, and the Mi Notebook Ultra never felt slow.

There’s no discrete GPU on the Mi NoteBook Ultra. Xiaomi claims the Intel Iris Xe graphics that’s integrated with the Intel Core i7 is powerful enough for content creation and casual gaming.

The trackpad is now huge and is built out of the same material as the rest of the body, and it feels smooth AF to operate. The keyboard is now backlit as well.

The Mi NoteBook Ultra feels a lot more earnest in its attempt to take over the high-end mainstream segment. It takes that extra step to improve the overall experience with an immersive 3.2K display, and solid build quality. Stay tuned for our review.