Moto E32s

Shubham Dutt

Review Highlights


For the price, the Moto E32s seems nice and appealing. It features chamfered corners and a flat panel. However, the phone catches fingerprints and scratches quite quickly.


The display isn't the finest, but it's acceptable for the price. We saw fading colours on Google app icons due to the LCD display's lack of vibrancy.


Even with everyday duties, the Moto E32s struggles for air. It has a sluggish feel about it, and the animations appear to be delayed.


In the sunshine, the 16MP main sensor shoots nice shots with realistic colours and plenty of detail. Focusing on a subject and processing photos takes a few seconds.


If you keep the display refresh rate at 90Hz, the E32s will last all day. Using it at 60Hz for everyday tasks like skimming social media, online browsing, and so on will give you more than a day's worth of battery life.


The Moto E32s, without a doubt, has a lot of features, but its lack of a decent CPU makes it difficult for it to work properly.