Moto Edge 30 Fusion Review Highlights

Robin John

The Moto Edge 30 Fusion is undoubtedly one of the most attractive gadgets we've handled in a long time, and it's a joy to have in hand.


The display's colours were spectacular, and the image had superb contrast and brightness. With a peak brightness of 1100 nits, the display is plenty bright outside.


The phone can achieve 40fps with graphics set to High during gaming, although we noted some throttling, with performance falling. The rear panel and top frame were both warm to the touch.


The software experience was seamless, and we had no problems using it on a daily basis. We performed our standard stress test, and the gadget did not break a sweat.


The cameras capture clear, detailed images. The colours were properly represented in the images, and the dynamic range was also great. We noticed that colour science was not always constant.


In our testing, we got about 5 hours of screen time with the Edge 30 Fusion. 30 minutes after putting it on the charge, the battery levels reached 53%, and it reached 100% little under an hour.


The Moto Edge 30 Fusion is a good buy at Rs 42,999, and it competes with the Pixel 6a, which costs Rs 43,999.