Moto G62 5G Review Highlights

Robin John

The Moto G62 has a frosted finish, and our colourway picks up smudges, though it's not noticeable unless light is shining on it.

It was fascinating to watch movies and TV shows on the big screen. Colours were reproduced accurately by the phone.

The Moto G62 5G performed admirably overall. We didn't find any flaws in our day-to-day usage.

The phone lasted more than 7 hours and 45 minutes, and it took 30 minutes to reach 21% and an hour to reach 38%.

Photos shot in daylight featured good clarity and sharpness, but the dynamic range was lacking. 

The phone offers a clean software experience that is free of bloatware, which is something we have always valued.

Motorola’s aim of bringing 5G to the people at an affordable price is a good idea, but the execution of the same feels tenuous.