OnePlus 10T Review Highlights

Ketan Pratap

The OnePlus 10T has a similar design to the 10 Pro, without the Hasselblad camera branding on the rear.

The OnePlus 10T is an incredible beast that can perform practically any work with ease.

OnePlus 10T has a good battery life and the 150W SUPERVOOC charging guarantees that the fun never stops.

The 10T runs OxygenOS 12.1, which is based on Android 12. The user interface has been simplified to emphasise personal space.

During daytime, the OnePlus 10T's primary camera provides a good degree of detail, and even the exposure is consistent.

For the majority of the samples we clicked throughout the review process, the primary camera provided precise exposures.

The OnePlus 10T is well within the pricing range of buyers looking for a reasonably priced flagship smartphone, starting at Rs 49,999.