An OxygenOS update is now available for the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro phones. This update brings a new Hasselblad XPan Mode to the OnePlus 9 Series camera, as well as some much-needed bug fixes.

Yash Jain

The XPan Mode on the phone duplicates the focal lengths, colours, and processing of the original XPan camera, allowing you to shoot photos with a wide aspect ratio.

To give you some perspective, the Hasselblad XPan was the world's first dual-frame 35mm camera, allowing photographers to produce broad, panoramic pictures in real-time.

The XPan Mode on smartphones, just like the camera, will take photographs in a 65:24 (8:3) aspect ratio. There's also the option of shooting panoramic images at 30mm or 45mm focal lengths, mimicking the old Hasselblad lenses.

The photos from the phone will be high resolution, with a resolution of 7552 x 2798 on 30mm and 7872 x 2916 on 45mm.

Finally, the photographs taken using the XPan mode are stored as a negative film, then developed into an image that users can save on your phone. OnePlus states that it has been done to honour the filmmaking process.