OnePlus Buds Pro

Review Highlights

OnePlus Buds Pro is a premium TWS earbuds from OnePlus. It competes against Nothing Ear 1, Galaxy Buds Pro and OPPO Enco X.

The Buds Pro case has a pretty average build and the hinge mechanism is not very smooth either. You get IPX4 certification for both the buds and the case, which is absolutely rare. The earbuds are comfortable for long listening sessions and it doesn’t fall out of the ears easily either.

It has a very fun, energetic tuning signature, the mid-bass has so much slam and the low bass has so much weight. It sounds darker than the Enco X and the Galaxy Buds Pro. The Buds Pro bass co-exists peacefully without bleeding into the lower mids.

The OnePlus Buds Pro also supports the LHDC codec and it alters the sound signature to actually mess with the bass really badly. It started sounding bloated and unclean which is super annoying.

OnePlus Buds Pro also supports Dolby Atmos, but only in OnePlus phones. The Dolby Atmos effect was almost as good as what we experienced with the AirPods Max on an iPhone.

When it comes to the mics, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro - despite not having a stem - sounds the cleanest and most natural. The OnePlus Buds Pro came in second with the Enco X lagging behind it. OnePlus Buds Pro had the least latency in my testing.

You will have to pinch the stems to control your music. Plus, there is Wear Detection that lets you Play/Pause music when you take the buds out of your ears. The Hey Melody app lets you do a whole bunch of things from changing the Noise Cancellation levels to Firmware Updates.

Talking about ANC, the OnePlus Buds Pro cancels out more ambient sound than the Galaxy Buds Pro and the Enco X. The Transparency mode sounds pretty natural as well.

As for the battery life, you get your standard 5 hrs on the buds with ANC on. The case holds up to 23 hrs more and you get 10 hrs of playtime with 10 mins of fast charging.

The OnePlus Buds Pro are priced really well and offer a fun, engaging sound signature with enough details to even appeal to a hardened audiophile looking for bass monsters. This is definitely a great product by OnePlus and we would definitely recommend it, even over the OPPO Enco X.