OnePlus Nord 2 is in the news again as one more unit of the Nord 2 explodes in India, this time in the robe of Delhi-based Advocate. The victim said he will take OnePlus to court and seek a ban on the sale of the Nord 2 in India.

A Delhi-based Lawyer, Gaurav Gulati tweeted that his OnePlus Nord 2 caught fire and moments later, it exploded. We reached out to Mr. Gulati and he told us some exclusive info about the incident.

Mr. Gulati told us that he suddenly felt something hot in his pocket. He then threw his robe away after seeing smoke come out of the device. The phone later caught on fire and exploded inside a court chamber.

He clarified that the device was not on charge and the phone had about 90% of battery left. He also confirmed that he was not using the device at the time of explosion.

Gulati, during his conversation with MySmartPrice, said he has suffered injuries around the stomach area. “They (OnePlus) were quite insensitive to injuries and trauma I have suffered,” Gulati said.

Gulati said he will take the legal route and submit the device to the police by filing an official complaint against OnePlus India. He will also complain to the consumer court and bring an injunction to block the sale of the phone in India.

OnePlus reached out to Gulati, asking him to submit the device but he denied it as he wish to take legal route i.e he wants the police agency to investigate this whole incident.

OnePlus said “We take every claim such as this very seriously out of concern for user safety. However, despite multiple attempts to analyse the device, he has so far denied us the opportunity to perform a proper diagnosis.”

Two more such incidents were reported previously. However, the second reported case turned out to be fake and in the first case, OnePlus issued a statement that this alleged case was false.