Shubham Raheja



Nord Buds


The OnePlus Nord Buds follow the typical material design that has become the norm.  The heaviness of the casing and the sharpness of its edges are our only design complaints.


For TWS earbuds at this budget, the soundstage is surprisingly large, and the overall sound profile is warm. The earbuds had a dynamic sound, albeit there was some cutting when the volume was turned all the way up.


In peaceful situations, the mic quality is good, but as soon as you switch on your ceiling fan or walk outside into an area with traffic noise, the recipient of your call will complain.


The battery life is claimed to be 7 hours, and we found it to be very accurate. We used the buds for roughly 4-5 hours every day for a whole workweek without charging the case.


The OnePlus Nord Buds have a distinctive material design and an excellent feature set that includes a good construction, large sound, IP55 certification, minimal latency, and a reasonable pricing.