Oppo Find N Review


Oppo has struck gold with this one. It's as small as the iPhone 13 Mini, but the foldable display within ensures that you get the full Pro Max Ultra experience. After all, the Find N is thick when folded at 15.9mm.

The Find N's engineering showpiece is the hinge. Because, unlike the Z Fold 3, which still doesn't entirely shut, the Find N won't even let a thin sheet of A4 paper pass through the fold. It folds up like a book.

The cover display is large enough to function on its own, just as you would on a regular smartphone, or unfold it for a larger-screen experience. It feels just as plasticky to the touch, and you can see the two sides of the hinge on the screen, but there's no obvious wrinkle interfering with whatever you're doing.

Using the phone seems surprisingly natural, and it fits neatly in your pocket. Folding and unfolding require two hands, and the hinge was a touch stiff for our liking. It's a free-form hinge, allowing you to fold it at any angle between 45 and 120 degrees.

Aside from the foldable form shape, it features the Snapdragon 888 processor, 12GB LPDDR5 RAM, and 512GB UFS 3.1 storage. The cores did not throttle much throughout our tests, but there was a considerable increase in surface temperature.

More than how the images turned out, the advantages of the folding form factor piqued our interest. The hinge transforms the phone into its own tripod, and the cover display may be used as a viewfinder. The primary sensor produces acceptable images, while the ultrawide and telephoto cameras produce just decent results.

Oppo has unquestionably discovered the greatest folding form factor. The Find N seems less of a gimmick and more mainstream than what Samsung has to offer, thanks to its broader and more compact design, cheaper price tag, and premium performance.