Pixel 6 Pro: 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy the Phone


The all-glossy construction disappointed us the moment we set our eyes on the Pixel 6 Pro. The Sorta Sunny colourway did not appeal since the three-tone finish combined with the Black camera bump does not appear to be particularly coherent.


The fingerprint sensor built into the display is slower than usual. It didn't often recognise our fingerprints.


The Pixel 6 Pro's camera system has flaws as well, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max pulls ahead in a number of circumstances. The camera has a habit of forcefully turning a warm scene into a cool one, and the Pixel 6 Pro's night Mode capture is also a little strange.


The handset gets the custom built 5nm based Tensor SoC. However, the phone throttles a lot and quickly warms up. During routine use, the phone would frequently become hot, and specific applications, such as Twitter, would begin to stutter significantly.


We tried the phone without a SIM card and were only able to get 4 to 4 and a half hours of SoT on moderate to heavy use, which is rather average. Furthermore, the phone takes a long time to charge. It doesn't even charge at the promised maximum of 30W.


Finally, Google's inability to mass-produce these phones in more nations is a factor. Only nine nations now have access to the Pixel 6 series, making it tough to get one even if you desired one.