PUBG New State on Nov 11

Yash Jain

New Features, Release Date

PUBG New State will release on Android and iOS devices on November 11, 2021, which is just a few weeks away. Krafton just dropped a teaser revealing the date.

The teaser revealed many unique features of the game, such as futuristic objects and vehicles. The developers also plan to integrate the existing PUBG Mobile maps into New State. Future updates will add fresh maps. 

The year is 2051 and the central government of Troi has crumbled. The city has been attacked by a mystery force, turning it into a battleground. That's the plot of PUBG: New State.

A total of four maps will be available at launch. Troi and Erangel: New State, two 8x8 battle royale maps, one 4v4 TDM Map Station, and one Training Ground Competition will be accessible in Solo and Squad modes in FPP and TPP.

To complement the game's general concept, the new game will feature a range of cars, including electric automobiles. During gunfights, players may also use shields to protect themselves. Search drones can also be used to acquire intelligence about opponents.

Green Flare and Recruit System are two new features created just for this game. The game will also have an eight-tier tier structure that will reset every two months.

From the beginning, the title has taken a hard position against cheating. Developers have been researching software cheating patterns while working on new technologies to prevent cheating trends, the company claims.