Realme Book Slim

Subhrojit Mallick

Review Highlights

The Realme Book Slim came out of nowhere, and it’s easily one of the best designed products to come out of the young brand’s stables and it performs just as well as it looks. Here's our review of the Realme Book Slim.

The Realme Book is made out of CNC-milled aluminium, and is unlike anything you get under 50k right now.  It’s uniformly machined with no rough edges, and it weighs just 1.3kgs.

The cherry on top is this gorgeous 14-inch 2K screen that goes almost 180 degrees. It’s a 3:2 display which means you have more real estate to work with. However, the colour calibration on this device is way off.

The Harman Kardon speakers on this make it perfect for watching movies and shows. It’s loud enough to be audible with the ceiling fan on, and it sounds clean with excellent stereo separation and zero distortion.

You get a Macbook inspired Keyboard and trackpad on the Realme Book Slim. These are plastic keys that are almost flushed to the chassis, and there’s not as much travel and feedback as you’d want.

You should tame your expectations about the performance of this i3 variant. You won’t be able to run compute-intensive software like Adobe Premiere Pro, but it's perfect for school and college kids. The laptop wakes up in less than a second.

The software experience on the Realme Book Slim is plain vanilla. Unlike its phones, there’s no third-party app, no anti-virus software, that comes preinstalled on this one. Not even an app for fan control.

Nitpicking here, but the worst thing about the Realme Book Slim is the number of ports you get. The Realme Book Slim gets just two USB-C ports, and another USB-A port on the other side along with a 3.5mm audio jack. There's no HDMI port.

Realme promises 11 hours of screen on time with the 56Whr battery, realistically, you’re looking at 6 hours of active usage on a single charge, which is still super impressive.

Overall, the Realme Book Slim Core i3 variant scores high on aesthetics and display quality, but there are more utilitarian options under 50k that can be explored if you have to tether to a second monitor or run intensive software.