Realme C33 Review Highlights

Robin John

The Realme C33 boasts a glossy texture and eye-catching glitter. It is constructed of plastic and does not have a luxury feel to it.


The colours on display appear good, but they are not as vivid or sharp, and they suffer in intense sunshine.


In our daily use, the smartphone performed admirably and without any problem. The UI scrolling appeared to be fluid.


Photos shot in daylight on the Realme C33 were average, and zooming in reveals a lack of adequate details.


Selfies taken with the Realme C33's front-facing camera were acceptable. The images were detailed, and the skin tones appeared realistic.


The battery should last roughly a day and a half, but charging is where it falls short. It takes three hours to completely charge the phone.


The Realme C33 might be useful if you are seeking for a device for leisure usage rather than performance-focused applications.