Realme Pad is the first-ever Android Tablet by Realme aimed at education and entertainment users. Is the Realme Pad the best tablet under Rs 20,000? Let’s find out

Realme Pad is chiselled from aluminium and looks pretty clean from the back. The company has done a good job with the ergonomics but, yes, the smooth metal body of the Pad does feel slippery at times.

There is no fingerprint scanner, but you can use this camera to identify your face and unlock the device. It works flawlessly to recognise you even in the vertical orientation. It’s just supremely fast, responsive, and works 10/10 times.

The 10.4-inch IPS LCD panel has a resolution of 2000x1200 and a max brightness of 360 nits. For indoor use, this display is pretty bright for watching shows on Netflix and Prime. Plus, it looks fairly vibrant too. However, there’s no option to tune the colours. 

The quad speakers on Realme Pad are tuned well and you get fairly spacious sound as well. Plus, Dolby Atmos elevates the experience as well. Although we were disappointed by the Hi-Res audio claim by Realme. Because, it is anything but Hi-Res.

Realme Pad uses an enlarged version of Stock Android 11 and it doesn’t come with any bloatware. Most apps opened without an issue except for Apple Music, which kept crashing.

While setting up the device, it asks whether you want to sign up as a kid or a child. Plus, there’s support for Google’s Kids Space that lets you create a separate supervised account and offer a very easy user interface with pre-loaded content that your kids are bound to enjoy.

The 8MP fixed focus camera on the front does a fairly decent job of it. It is not exactly very crisp and sharp with 1080p 30fps video, but it is very wide and that helps create a good frame even at close quarters. The 8MP rear camera is just okay.

The Realme Pad derives all the processing power from a MediaTek Helio G80 SoC. The tablet does feel slightly sluggish to use. We’d say for entertainment and education, the power will suffice but if you want to game, you’ll have to keep your expectations in check or spend more.

The large 7100mAh unit inside the Realme Pad lasted 7 days on a single charge with basic usage. Apart from this, you also get support for reverse charging other devices, and 18W fast charging support as well.

The Realme Pad does what it sets out to do and that is to provide a fairly good multimedia experience plus video conferencing. It is the best budget tablet under Rs 20,000. And, the only other worthy alternative is the Samsung Tab A7 2020.