Realme TechLife  Watch R100 Review Highlights

Shubham Raheja

Realme TechLife Watch R100, a smartwatch that costs Rs 3,999, claims to offer activity monitoring and a reliable companion app. But will it stand up to the stiff competition? Read our review to find out.


The Watch R100's round dial is encircled by a bezel made of premium-feeling aluminium, and the paint is easily scratched off. After just one week of use, our unit already had some worn-out edges.


The watch is good enough to prevent the user from spotting individual pixels, and it is bright enough to read in direct sunshine. However, it isn't extremely sensitive, and swiping motions might be grating.


The Realme TechLife Watch R100's battery life is officially rated at seven days, but in our testing, it was unexpectedly higher and lasted for about nine days or so.

Fitness Features

Although initially slow, the step counter is fairly accurate. Once it recognises your presence, the heart rate tracking is also sluggish but precise. An inanimate thing cannot deceive the sensor either.


The ability of this watch to make calls will fascinate customers. Although the speaker and microphone aren't particularly good, they do the trick when you can't get to your phone.


The setup procedure is simple, however the update takes a while to complete. Unfortunately, when we tried it, it also failed once in the middle of it, so keep trying till you succeed.


The Realme TechLife Watch R100, which retails for Rs. 3,999, is a fantastic option for first-time purchasers looking for a fashionable yet budget-friendly wristwatch with a circular dial.