Realme Watch 3 Review Highlights

Robin John

The smartwatch's build quality feels decent, and the watch is fairly lightweight.

The colours seem fine on display, and we could readily see the screen in direct sunshine with the brightness set to maximum.

The Realme Watch 3's heart rate and SpO2 monitors consistently produced correct data, albeit the blood oxygen sensor took an unusually lengthy time to display the information.

In our tests, the watch lasted 5 to 6 days and required approximately two hours to charge.

The speakers on the Watch 3 are powerful, but we considered them to be mediocre, and at higher settings, the audio started cracking and it was difficult to comprehend a word.

The Watch does not include GPS, but the training modes do give useful statistics such as calories burned, average speed, and more.

The Realme Watch 3 is fashionable and features a high-quality band, although a higher-resolution display would have been preferable.