Redmi K50i Review Highlights

Shubham Raheja

At first sight, the Redmi K50i appears ordinary. However, it delivers when you put some intensive tasks at it.

The Redmi K50i is made entirely of plastic and feels cheap in the hand. It has the appearance of a phone that is trying a little too hard.


The display performs an excellent job of keeping colours vibrant while maintaining high contrast levels but has poor sunlight readability.


Shots clicked in the daylight by the primary camera have oodles of detail, but the processing seems very obvious.


Overall, day-to-day usage is satisfactory; switching between applications is fast, and the phone does not overheat.


The phone suffers from typical MIUI bloatware, although this is understandable given the price point.

User Interface

The Redmi K50i can last a little more than a day; and charges via a 67W charger that can give you a full charge in an hour. 


The Redmi K50i gets virtually all of the fundamentals of a decent smartphone correct, albeit in the most basic way.