Vivo X100 Review: Should You Buy in 10 Points 

Yashraj Verma

Departing from last year’s X90 which had a glittery pattern and matte finish, this year’s X100 has a bit more sophisticated aesthetic. 


The X100 boasts a large, vibrant display. Its specs, similar to its predecessor, ensure a consistently impressive experience.


The iQOO 12 was the first phone that leaped over the 2 million mark on AnTuTu benchmark. Well, Vivo X100 goes ahead of iQOO’s latest offering, at least in terms of benchmark. 


FunTouchOS seems to have matured a lot over time, and we were very much impressed by it at the time of Vivo X90 Pro, because it came without bloatware. 


The X100's camera setup got a major upgrade, except for the already excellent 50 MP primary camera. Daylight photos are sharp and crisp, akin to flagship quality.


One thing the Vivo X100 nails is the battery, from battery to charging – it is even better than its older and costlier sibling – the Vivo X100 Pro. It can very easily last about a day on a single charge. 


In brief, the Vivo X100 takes stunning photos in various settings and offers host of other features. If you value camera quality, display, and battery life, it's worth a serious look.


- Great cameras - Stunning display - Good battery life with super fast charging

What is Good?

- Underwhelming UI with buggy optimisation - The build is not premium

What is Bad?

- Pixel 7 Pro - iQOO 12 - OnePlus 12