A Samsung Galaxy A21 reportedly caught fire inside a flight forcing emergency evacuation.

The Samsung Galaxy A21 was reportedly burnt and damaged beyond recognition and was only identified after its owner voluntarily stepped up.

The incident took place when a Galaxy A21 smartphone onboard Alaska Airlines Flight 751 in the United States burst into flames just after the aircraft touched down at its destination, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Reports claim that there was so much fire and smoke that passengers had to undergo emergency evacuation even after having landed at the airport.

This is not the first time Samsung phone exploded inside the flight. Back in 2016, Galaxy Note 7 started bursting into flames around the world.

The incident was so horrific that multiple airlines banned the Galaxy Note 7 on their airplanes. The issue was later deemed to be a battery manufacturing fault and Samsung had to make a full recall.

This is likely a one-time incident caused due to some device specific issue. Samsung hasn’t issued a statement yet on the incident.