Samsung Galaxy

Ketan Pratap

Book 2 Pro Review



The tiny form factor is the first thing that strikes you. It is 11.2mm thin and has a substantial feel to it in the hands. Furthermore, the laptop has a premium feel to it from every angle.


The display panel is bright and crisp, and offers sharp text. The Galaxy Book 2 Pro's colours aren't very vibrant, but they are well-saturated and rich.


In real life, the Galaxy Book 2 Pro provides an excellent experience. Apart from casual gaming, the laptop isn't powerful enough to run AAA games, and will start dropping frames.


The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro comes with a backlit, tactile keyboard that provides an excellent typing experience.


The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro gave us about 6 hours of battery life throughout the review, after which we had to seek for the charging adapter.


Given that the MacBook Air M1 is now two years old, we believe the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro is a better choice for most individuals than the MacBook Air M1.