Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro First Impressions: Magical (again)

Ketan Pratap

The Galaxy Book 3 Pro is the latest laptop addition by Samsung. It is available in India at Rs 1,39,990 and comes in 14and 16-inches screen sizes.

If you're already using a Samsung Galaxy phone, then Galaxy Book 3 Pro will feel more seamless thanks to a tighter integration by the company.

The laptop feels more sturdy and premium than its predecessor.

The laptop has been built out of aluminium and offers multiple connectivity options.

The Galaxy Book 3 Pro sports a 120Hz AMOLED display which is gorgeous in the limited time we spent with the laptop.

Since the laptop has an aluminium build, it feels slightly heavy initially, but once you get used to it, there's no turning back from this one.

A larger touchpad means Galaxy Book 3 Pro lets you do more and explore on your laptop.

In our limited time with the Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro, we felt this is an excellent all-rounder for most things and ticks all the right boxes.

The Galaxy Book 3 Pro's premium pricing keeps it above the MacBook Air M2, which starts at Rs 119,900. So, it will be interesting to see whether Samsung justifies its price jump.