Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review: Should You Buy in 10 Points 

Robin John

The phone closely resembles the S23 Ultra, which is a good thing. It remains one of the most beautiful smartphones, with some tweaks to the form factor.


The S24 Ultra takes the already impressive display of the S23 Ultra up a notch. The flat screen remains sharp, responsive, smooth, and vibrant in colours.


The Galaxy S24 Ultra breezes through tasks, big and small, and handles multitasking effortlessly. Even intensive gaming is a piece of cake for this device. 


OneUI 6.1 gets a subtle revamp in the notification centre. It’s more refined and minimal and makes things a bit easier.


In daylight, the main camera takes detailed shots with great dynamic range. Samsung's colour processing adds a touch of vibrancy beyond what the naked eye sees.


The battery life on the S24 Ultra is outright excellent. It’s reliable and can easily last you for a day and a half, depending on your usage.


If you want a big slab of a phone that gets its hardware and software right, the S24 Ultra is an amazing choice.


- Striking display - Excellent battery life - Great camera setup - Good performance

What is Good?

- Costlier than ever - Unwieldy size - Charging speeds need an upgrade

What is Bad?

- iPhone 15 Pro Max - Google Pixel 8 Pro