Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Review Highlights

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was a pretty solid upgrade last year, but the Fold 3 offers an added layer of comfort by offering ingress protection, a stronger armored aluminium frame, and Gorilla Glass Victus protection on the rear panel plus the cover display.

You get a brighter outer display with an upgraded 120Hz refresh rate and the inner display is also much brighter now. The colours are pretty close to natural too with the 100% sRGB support on both the screens.

The crease is still pretty apparent and the new, under-display camera tech has much bigger pixels compared to the regular display pixels. Against a White or a Black background, you will notice that it is immediately visible.

Samsung has made the software to offer a more cohesive tablet experience. And, this is one reason why we are convinced about switching to a foldable phone. Plus, there are no ads on the Galaxy Z Fold3.

Many third-party apps such as Gmail, Feedly, YouTube, and more offer enhanced experiences on the internal screen. And, it goes without saying that Samsung also offers App Continuity for many apps now. The haptic feedback is fantastic.

We compared the Galaxy Z Fold3 camera to the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera and found that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a better camera system compared to the Fold3, but the Galaxy Z Fold3 is not bad or anything. It just works fine.

Samsung uses the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 888 SoC on the Galaxy Z Fold3. and you can expect great flagship-grade performance too. The benchmark numbers are not the best, however. But, the UFS 3.1 storage read/write speeds are great.

The slightly smaller 4400mAh split battery inside the Galaxy Z Fold 3 gives about 5 hours of SoT on regular usage. The Z Fold 3 also supports faster 25W charging speeds which takes about an hour and 45 minutes to charge the 4400mAh battery.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 offers a genuinely useful dual-device experience that changes the way you use a phone. The charm of the foldable form factor, is that when you don’t want a tablet, it can morph into a perfectly usable phone.