Vivo T1x Review Highlights

Shubham Dutt

The Vivo T1x is one of the more appealing gadgets in its class, but it's constructed of plastic and reflects light into people's eyes.

The phone's user interface is competent, but it is bloated and delivers spammy alerts.

The colours on the display look warm and not particularly vivid. The text and icons seem sharp, however there is a notch on the front.

The Vivo T1x looked solid in ordinary usage, which included online browsing, social networking, phone conversations, and video streaming.

Casual games work nicely, but online games might be difficult on the phone due to its restricted CPU capabilities.

The phone lasted a day with a total screen time of eight hours and five minutes, and charging time is around two hours.

Colours are uneven on the primary sensor. The photos taken with the primary camera lack detail, which is worsened when you use digital zoom.

The phone boasts a sleek appearance and a strong battery life, but it lacks adequate cameras and has a bloatware-filled user interface.